About Me

My name is Muhammad Ittequaf, and I provide Namaz Ka Tarika, Quranic Surahs, Duas, and Islamic knowledge here in the easiest words and clear images so that you can learn everything easily!

What is Namazein?

The Namazein is a blog where you can read and learn everything related to Islam easily in the most popular languages such as Hindi Arabic, and English, and learn many things about Islam. As well as you can also download the images of Surahs and Duas which are suitable for all types of devices and operating systems like iOS, Linux, Windows, BoS, macOS, iPad, Android, etc.

Mission & Goal of Namazein Blog

Our mission and goal are to spread the exact value and knowledge of Islam and the Quran. On this specific Blog, Everyone can read and learn Namaz, Surahs, and Duas correctly and easily. So that the learner achieves the full reward of reading Namaz, Quran, Duas, and Surahs.

I realized that there must be a lot of other people out there who want to read and learn Namaz and Quran in easy words, but would not know where Namaz, Quran, Surahs, and Duas would be read in easy and better language. Since I can’t help everyone personally, I decided that I would create a blog that would show people exactly how to read and learn Islam.

The Namazein never shares personal information with 3rd parties, nor do we store information about our visitors except to analyze and optimize the reading experience through the use of cookies.